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sepStream® Offers Unique Benefits That No Other Competitor Can Deliver


Our cost-effective pricing model was created to offer a variety of affordable options for our customer’s needs.


Superior Features

sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions provides powerful, full-featured products that will ensure increased efficiency and allow you to deliver optimum healthcare to your patients.


Timely Delivery

Our accelerated delivery of support and product demonstration will allow us to accommodate to your schedule.



sepStream® supports your business’s growth by offering ideal solutions to the constantly adapting diagnostic imaging industry.


Overall Customer Satisfaction

Our user-friendly products are extremely feasible and easy-to-use in order to maximize productivity and overall satisfaction.


Expert Support Team

sepStream® offers an excellent and knowledgeable support team to assist you with our products.

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sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions provides full-featured products at an affordable price. Click here to learn more about our products.

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sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS ™ Solutions provides a tangible ROI, operational efficiencies, and cost savings.

We succeed when our customers succeed.

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  • Low up front costs
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  • Powerful and feature rich
  • Free trial
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  • Low SaaS prices
  • Host the system at the location
  • of your choice
  • Flexible hardware specifications
  • Software only solutions
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sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions

Provides a single affordable solution to streamline your diagnostic workflow.
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Diagnostic Imaging Has Changed Forever

These changes are due to continued cuts in reimbursement, complex regulations, increased competition/costs, and a volatile economy. Whether you work in IDTF, ER, cardiology, orthopedics, hospitals, or tele-radiology, we pledge to work with you to ensure that every penny spent on sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions will result in a quick, measurable, and tangible return on investment (ROI). sepStream® is in a committed partnership with customers to help them not only survive, but succeed.

sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions

We provide powerful, full-featured solutions at an affordable price. Customers can streamline operations and immediately recognize cost savings, thereby ensuring continued profitability and gaining a competitive advantage in the diagnostic imaging industry. Our zero "gimmicks" approach to sales and integration provides sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions customers with a single solution to create a digital and productive work environment. We will work with you to digitize your workflow from the initial order to delivery of the final report and images. In addition, we give you the tools to analyze your efficiency, marketing penetration, and volume.

sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions is built from the ground up using proven technology and customer feedback.

sepStream® Continues to Meet the Strict DICOM Standards.

sepStream® seamlessly integrates with your existing DICOM appliances and modalities. sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions products are secure as well as meet privacy and HIPAA guidelines. We are reliable, comprehensive, and easy-to-use.

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What advantages do we offer?

  1. From order to final report, sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions provide a full solution to digitize your workflow environment. Our HL7 engine will seamlessly integrate with your billing, ancillary EHR/EMR, and/or practice management suite.
  2. sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions feature breadth and depth, service, and pricing that no other vendor can match.
  3. We provide a quick and seamless implementation into your workflow.
  4. sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions sales team is technically educated to make sure we provide you with the solution that will meet your needs.
  5. We are committed to 100% satisfaction of sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions products and service.
  6. We do not charge extra for additional modules, studies or user costs.
  7. 100% web enabled provides sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions customers with "anywhere" secure access to the sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions.
  8. We work with you to tailor the solution to meet your individual needs.
  9. Every sale includes 1-year of support, maintenance, and upgrades.
  10. sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions are scalable and will continue to grow with your company.
  11. We offer several methods to integrate with your current EMR/RIS/PACS/DICOM™ products at a nominal fee.
  12. We are committed to our sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions customers and ONLY succeed when our customers succeed.

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